Comprehensive Consultation

Lifestyle, Diet support and Herbs

Ayurvedic Counseling for dosha pacifying diet, herbs, lifestyle. We will check biofeedback via nadi (energetic pulse), tongue, nails, intake forms and personal interview. We then suggest a protocol best suited for your constitution.

Learn Ayurveda

Ayurveda Counselor & Practitioner

600 Hour Ayurveda Counselor Certification available both as ONLINE ONLY option (discounted) and HYBRID OPTION. Hybrid option includes both online classes and inperson sessions.
Our Ayurveda Counselor students can apply for an advanced 900 Hour Ayurveda Practitioner certification.

Student Center

Free Online Consultations on Thursdays and one weekend

Our students are available to do online consultations on Thursday evenings at 7 pm and 7.45 pm. We also have limited in person appointments on last weekend of the month in person on dedicated days in 2022. Covid protocols followed.  Please text us at ‪(512) 761-7563‬ in order to book appointment. 

Book Appointment

Online booking service

Online booking is not available for student appointments. A comprehensive appointment with Ayurveda Practitioner and Director of Narayana Ayurveda, Monica B Groover, Ph.D., AD* are available Mon thru Thursday 9 AM to 2 pm, Monday and Tuesday evenings 5 and 6 pm.


Narayana Ayurveda

Are you looking to become a certified Ayurveda Counselor? Or, just require an Ayurveda Consultation at an affordable price? Consider our Ayurveda college-you can finish your education completely online or as a hybrid-(online and in person). Consultations are offered from $10* onwards with students, $90 with Practitioners.

Psychologist Session

Ayurveda Counselor

600 Hours

This 13-month course is offered both 100% online OR as a hybrid option- (in person Internship in Austin, Texas, and online classes via zoom).  The scope of practice for Ayurveda Counselor is focused on a general well person's constitution, addressing imbalances of dosha-(Prakrti and Vikrti), and digestive fire (agni through) dietary, herbal, and lifestyle practices like meditation, yoga.  We want to educate you from the ground up so you don't need a background in Ayurveda.

However, a passion for Ayurveda and holistic health is a must. We believe that an  Ayurvedic Counselor is a coach, educator, friend and should be able to educate the general public regarding basic tenets of AyurvedaOur Ayurveda Counselor meets the competencies required for professional membership at the Ayurvedic Health Counselor with NAMA. You choose to do ONLINE only (costs less), or, choose Online and in-person hybrid training (costs more). See below.

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About us

About Monica B Groover                                                      The school

Monica B Groover Ph.D, A.D* is an Ayurvedic Practitioner with Doctor level membership with National Ayurvedic Medical Association. 
Ms. Groover is an accomplished Ayurveda speaker,  writer, and Herbalist. Ms. Groover comes from a heritage of Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and Herbal healing. As a writer, she has prepared an Ayurveda curriculum for graduate courses and different Ayurveda colleges. An advanced meditation practitioner, and, Herbalist- Ms. Groover practices traditional Ayurveda as passed to her by her heritage, energy medicine, and also practices Vedic Healing through Mantras.

The college was established by Husband and Wife team, Monica B Groover, Ph.D. (Manjulali Dasi), and, Pandit Atul Krishna Das.  Our mission is to promote alternative, spiritual and holistic wellness education via Ayurveda, an ancient system from India for balancing the mind and body.   

    To conduct affordable Ayurvedic education

To offer affordable consultations to the local community.

Support community and our students love of plant-based diet and recipes.
To cultivate in our students -love of nature, environment, and earth and inner harmony.
To encourage the practice of meditation and a conscious living .

Online Ayurveda consultation
Jan 13, 7:00 PM
Online event

Text or Email

It may take 1-2 business days for us to reply to email. For quicker response, please text us.


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