Comprehensive consultation


90 Minutes

When you come to me for a comprehensive consultation, and submit your questionanaires, we use the  threefold biofeedback techniques  used by ancient Ayurvedic healers.  This is the method of  'darshanam ' (observation), sparshanam (Nadi) and prashanam (Interview).


We do a comprehensive interview to determine  your prakrti (natural constitution), vikrti (imbalanced doshas), state of dhatus (imbalanced tissues, increased dhatu, decreasted dhatu or dhatu contaminated by dosha), agni (digestive fire is high, low or vitiated) and, mala (elimination).

Alternatively,  the tenfold pariksha maybe used, if required. The ten fold biofeedback includes:


 1 Prakrti (natural constitution, both structural and functional assessment)
2 Vikrti(deviation and imbalance of prakrti)
3 Sara (State of Tissues)
4 Samhanana (Build and symmetry)
5 Pramana (body measurement)
6 Sattva (state of mind)
6 Satmya (ability to adapt)
7 Ahara sakti (digestive ability)
8 Vyayama sakti (physical strength and fitness)
9 Vaya (Ayu, Age)


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Regular Consultation


60 Minutes

A general consultation may involve discovering your dosha (prakrti, or, your natural constitution) and your vikrti (current deviation), and, doing some lifestyle changes to address them. If you just want to know your body type, and, want some basic guidelines how to balance yourself, this is the perfect start. The  prakrti and vikrti uses two types of feedbacks:


+Structural Assessment to determine doshas. (Height, weight, color of eyes, attributes that dont change)

+Functional assessment to determine doshas.-may include behaviours, likes, dislikes etc.


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Student Consultations

$10 onwards

Sometimes Free

Time: 30 Min

Looking for a quick free consultation, or, just want to find out your dosha and agni.

Affordable Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Consultations starting from $20 are available either conducted by students under a supervision of their teacher/advanced student, or, by an Ayurvedic Practitioner. See details below.  In person student consults are only available during specific dates. However, online consultations can be booked for any day Monday thru Friday.

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