Shiroabhyanga (Ayurvedic Head Massage)

Ayurvedic Head Massage is called Shiro Abhyanga. Populary known as Indian Head Massage, Shiro may be translated as scalp and  Abhyanga means oleation or using oil. Some oils used by Ayurvedic Practitioners for Head Massage include cold pressed sesame oil, aromatherapy and herb ingredients. . Warm oil is poured on head on Adhipati marma and gently rubbed on scalp with tips of fingers in a hypnotic and synergestic way. Deeply relaxing and supports stress related headaches, TMJ, Neck stiffness. Ayurvedic Head Massage is an excellent adjunct support for insomnia, falling of hair, thinning or premature graying. It has been used for centuries in India.  It can deeply relax the mind, is said to stimulate the para sympathetic nervous system, benefit  mental stress, and even support post stress traumatic disorder. It supports clients with insomnia and clinical depression. All first time clients require a consultation first. ​​These statements are not evaluated by FDA. This treatment is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Oil Massage)

Ayurvedic Massage with warm cold pressed oils, touch of different essential oils and herbs are poured on the skin and then rubbed till they are absorbed. The abhyanga uses long gentle strokes, followed by deeper therapeutic strokes like lomi lomi, or, swedish effleurage. Strokes may be faster for a kapha person, slow and deeper for vata, slow and therapeutic and hypnotic for pitta. Abhyanga is customized to the individuals muscle tone, age, gender, imbalances.

Both sides of the body maybe worked on at the same time to balanced the yin and the yang.  Abyanga moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It supports muscle tone and supports circulation. Abhyanga uses different types of herbs and oils and can assist in moving the lymph as well as removing ama (impurities).  Oils like Bhringaraj or Brahmi can support sleep and insomnia. Oils like Balashwagandhadi, Shankhapushpi or Mahanarayana support nerves and pain.  Different Oils may be used in different pats of the body. In India, Abhyanga is done for brides to be as it in anti-aging support by using herbs like turmeric, sandalwood, saffron. Ghee may be used to support vision.

Abhyanga is also used as an adjuct panchakarma (detox) therapy. Detoxification oils are used in that case.


This is a deeply moisturizing, Suggested for Vata and Pitta doshas. All first time clients require a consultation.

Ayurvedic Marma

Marmas are points in the body that can be accessed by energy healing, pranic healing, massage, compresses or stretching. 

Ayurveda considers there are 107 energetic and physical marma points whose manipulation may support  stiff  joints, reduced pain,  support elevated stress, address tender or trigger points in the muscle, and may support improved energy levels, better breathing, and support digestion & mood.


Marma Treatment may use many different types of Ayurvedic oils, and, essentials oils at different parts of the body.


These marma points are stimulated, or, activated along with long, or, circular strokes, or, with breathing techniques, active and passive stretching. We integrate marma, passive and active stretching along with essential oils, Ayurvedic oils, and abhyanga to make a tailor-made treatment that ends with warm towels.  We may also use healing crystals at marma points, followed by essential oils, ayurvedic oils, and warm towels to activate or diminish the energy of marma points.


This is deeply therapeutic and longer treatment. All first-time clients require a consultation first.

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Ayurvedic Massages use a combination of marma (energy point) healing and beautiful healing cold-pressed oils. The strokes can be gentle like Swedish, and/or therapeutic.  First-time clients require a  consultation.

·      Shiroabhyanga Ayurvedic Head Massage ​

·      ​Abhyanga- Ayurvedic Oils

·      Marma  and Abhyanga Integrated Massage

45 Minutes -  $60 

60  Minutes- $80 
90 Minutes - $108
consultation and head massage/or marma  $108 ( 1 hr 30 min)

















These statements are not evaluated by FDA. This treatment is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.



*Disclaimer:  If you arrive late for your appointment, we may have to cut your appointment time. Please try to arrive 15 minutes in advance. 


All first-time clients require a consultation for Ayurvedic treatments. First-time clients also need to pre-pay for their treatment.