Class Schedule

Classes are held via zoom either at 7 pm central on certain weekdays (Tuesdays, Wednesdays OR Thursdays) and either on Saturday morning at 8 AM Central OR Sunday morning at 8 AM Central. (Depending on the term. There are 6 terms. Each term has either Sunday or Saturday mornings scheduled.). In addition, one entire weekend is an internship every month. (no internship in Feb or August). See a sample schedule below.

  • WEDNESDAY-7 PM (Practitioner Students)

  • Fridays-9 AM (Practitioner Students)

  • Saturdays- 8 AM (Ayurveda Counselor Group 1)

  • Sundays-8 AM (Ayurveda Counselor Group 11)

  • Thursdays-7 PM (Combined-All groups)

  • Last Weekend of the Month (Combined-all groups- ALL DAY)

9 Am-6 pm (Sometimes we may end early if lunch hour was short)


Class Schedule

Ayurveda Counselor-November 2021-Dec 2022
Thursday, November 18th, 2021 - (Online sessions)
Thursday, January 27, 2022- (In person internships begin-see schedule below)

Saturday-8 AM Central OR Sunday-8 AM Central
Thursday-7 PM Central

Jan -Dec 2022 - In-person Internship Schedule

Weekend 1- Sat/Sun  Jan 29, Jan 30 (Nutrition and Ahara)
Weekend 2- Sat/Sun March 26, March 27 (Marma Cikitsa)
Weekend 3- Sat/Sun April 23-24 (Yoga Therapy, Parikshas)
Weekend 4- Sat/Sun May 28-29 (Ayurvedic Herbology, Parikshas)
Weekend 5- Sat/Sun June 25-26 (Vastu, Jyotish, Parikshas)
Weekend 6- Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun July 28, 29, 30, 31
(Trividha Pariksha, Dashavidha pariksha)
 Weekend 7- Sat/Sun Sept 17-Sep-18 (Manas and Meditation, Counseling)
Weekend 8- Sat/Sun Oct 22-23 (Ayurveda Home remedies support)

*Please note that the dates may be subject to change if Austin reaches Stage 4 again, or, similar circumstances. Our schedule is summer to summer-so from August 1st 2021 to July 31st, 2022.
INTERNSHIP will be offered both Online and In-person starting Jan 1st, 2022.


“As per NAMA requirement, Counselor cohort beginning on or after January 1, 2022 (Fall of 2021), live in-person internships will be mandatory and will begin per state and local public health guidelines, for students wishing to take the Ayurveda Counselor NAMA Board Exam. If a student enrolled before January 2022--this does not apply to them.”