google-site-verification=a2O967991Ci_hoWdNQD_Gk2kNpO8sa0ae-jVg_04Nwk Ayurveda Consultation Austin Texas from $27 onwards

Affordable Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Consultations starting from $20 are available either conducted by students under a supervision of their teacher/advanced student, or, by an Ayurvedic Practitioner. See details below.  In person student consults are only available during specific dates. However, online consultations can be booked for any day Monday thru Friday.

Student Consultations

$10 for 30 Minutes on Monday at Austin Location

$10 for 30 Minutes online (any day)
Community Weekends (Once every three months-Free)

How does it work?


Student consultations may be done by an advanced student or an Ayurvedic Practitioner. These consultations are recorded for viewing and sharing with students later. Information release and disclaimers must be signed prior to appointment.


1. Contact us via the contact form, or, call us.

2. We send you the forms.

3. You show up for the appointment with your forms and bring the $10 payment with you.




3. You fill them and post it via snailmail, OR, share them with us via Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive.

3. You pay online.

4. We send you a Zoom link. Click on the link to join from a computer.

5. To join from a Mobile, simply download the zoom cloud meeting and put in the meeting number.


Rescheduling: If you want to reschedule, please try to give us a 24 hours notice via email.

How do Internship weekends work?

We also offer free Ayurvedic Health Weekends throughout the year in Austin.  Please subscribe or keep on checking this page for dates. Ayurvedic Practitioner, or, a senior Student may do an initial Ayurvedic consultation under the mentorship of a teacher. Or, the teacher does the consultation and students observe the teacher. If the student is not present in person, they may listen in through a phone, or, an audio device.



The clients get the benefit of a very affordable consultation, free Ayurveda samples, free samples of herbs for 3 days* (While quantities last).

Sign up is required, so we can send you the forms and paperwork beforehand.

Please note that these consultations maybe recorded and shared with students anonymously. The client must sign a release form.


Contact us
Phone: 512-692-9162


NOTE: Discounted Community consultations are not comprehensive and are meant for overall balance. Clients are expected to fill out their forms beforehand. If you want to address a specific imbalance, then, please consider a comprehensive consultation.  

Community Ayurveda

Austin, TExas


*(1- 3 days of free bulk herbs (while supplies last) 


*Must sign disclaimer and release forms.

Austin in-person Regular Appointments:



Call us 5126929162


Free Meditation and Kirtan once am month.

Private Yoga Therapy

Affordable Private yoga therapy class.

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