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What is an Ayurvedic Consultation?



“rogamadou parikseta tathonantaram ousadam”


Ayurveda is a holistic health system from India, that considers that you have a unique psycho somatic constitution or a Dosha. We are all born with a combination of these three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. However, the percentage and domination of one dosha in our life determines our preferences, choices, appetite, digestion, memory, intellect and body type.  Monica Groover, Ph.D., LMT is an Ayurvedic Practitioner based out of Austin Texas and provides affordable Ayurveda consultations in person, or online and Ayurvedic Massage services.



General Ayurveda Consultation 60 -90 minutes- $75  (if paid advance. Regular price $90)
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A general consultation may involve discovering your dosha (prakrti, or, your natural constitution) and your vikrti (current deviation), and, doing some lifestyle changes to address them. If you just want to know your body type, and, want some basic guidelines how to balance yourself, this is the perfect start. The  prakrti and vikrti uses two types of feedbacks:


+Structural Assessment to determine doshas. (Height, weight, color of eyes, attributes that dont change)

+Functional assessment to determine doshas.-may include behaviours, likes, dislikes etc.

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Comprehensive Consultation. -90 -120 minutes-$90 (if paid in advance. Regular Price $120 )

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When you come to me for a comprehensive consultation, and submit your questionanaires, we use the  threefold biofeedback techniques  used by ancient Ayurvedic healers.  This is the method of  'darshanam ' (observation), sparshanam (Nadi) and prashanam (Interview).


We do a comprehensive interview to determine  your prakrti (natural constitution), vikrti (imbalanced doshas), state of dhatus (imbalanced tissues, increased dhatu, decreasted dhatu or dhatu contaminated by dosha), agni (digestive fire is high, low or vitiated) and, mala (elimination).

Alternatively,  the tenfold pariksha maybe used, if required. The ten fold biofeedback includes:


 1 Prakrti (natural constitution, both structural and functional assessment)
2 Vikrti(deviation and imbalance of prakrti)
3 Sara (State of Tissues)
4 Samhanana (Build and symmetry)
5 Pramana (body measurement)
6 Sattva (state of mind)
6 Satmya (ability to adapt)
7 Ahara sakti (digestive ability)
8 Vyayama sakti (physical strength and fitness)
9 Vaya (Ayu, Age)


We determine whether you have ama, or. toxins. We determine your sleep patterns, your dreams, your spiritual aspirations and determine what suits your dosha, dhatus (tissues), your manasa (mind) and your spirit.


If you are looking for a holistic way to balance your issues, I am available for Ayurvedic nutritional counseling,  Mini (Detox) Panchakarma. I specialize in supporting women through their monthly cycle, menopause, post partum and general well being.



Ayurveda and Disorders of Vata



Ayurvedic Medicine  is a wonderful adjunct support for vata imbalances like dry hair, dry skin, constipation, stiff joints, anxiety and stress. Ayurveda suggest appropriate Ayurveda Yoga therapy, grounding meditation, dosha balancing foods, a daily routine, a seasonal detox program twice a year and, Ayurvedic Herbs.




Ayurveda and  Pitta disorders


Pitta imbalances like skin imbalances like rosacea, pain, inflammation and Fibromyalgia and Ulcers are caused due to high heat in the body according to this modality. Our focus is cooling pitta pacifying diet, cooling feminine yoga, meditation and herb counseling in Ayurveda can help be an adjunct support for  Kapha type Diabetes, Ojas or Immunity imbalances related to the skin.


Ayurveda and  Kapha disorders


Kapha imbalances like slow digestion, slow thyroid energy, congestion, sore throat, nasal issues, water retention are caused due to excessive kapha (phlegm) in the  body according to this modality. Ayurveda focus is warming and drying Kapha pacifying foods, warming and heated  feminine yoga, meditation and herb counseling in Ayurveda can help be an adjunct support for  Kapha type sugar imbalances, Ojas or Immunity imbalances related to the skin like adult acne.



Ayurveda and Women


Ayurveda has wonderful routines, and herbs that can help support Chronic Fatigue, Post Partum Depression, Menopause and Menstrual disorders, harmone related migraine headaches, menorrhegia, endometriosis, dysmennorrhea. I usually conduct free or donation based Ayurvedic Women support workshops, with yoga, herbs, and cooking demonstrations for foods naturally high in phytoestrogens, and, suggested appropriate meditation, yoga, herbs, aromatherapy along with daily routine and seasonal or monthly detox.


Ayurveda for Digestion


Ayurveda is most sought after for  gas, flatulence, bloating, GERD, acid reflux and  Chronic Constipation. Although Ayurvedic herbs like Triphala, or senna tea are easily available in health food stores, taking them without supervision of an Ayurvedic herbalist is not suggested. Triphala needs to be taken in the right amount, with the right foods, at the right time. Senna may end up harming the colon if taken in excess as it is a laxative. I focus my consultations on teaching you what kitchen spices to use, how to use them, and try to avoid harsh herbs unless absolutely necessary.


Ayurvedic Herbs


Ayurvedic Oils, and,  beeswax formulations line the shelf of health-food stores, yoga studios. However, what is good for your dosha? Should you rub  balashwagandhadi tailam for your stiff joints, or, should you get sesame oil. Should you use coconut oil, or mahanarayana tailam. Appropriate use of actual Ayurvedic oils for daily self abhyanga, along with the proper dosha diet can help support Joint and Muscular Pain, osteoarthritis, Arthritis


Ayurveda and Hair


Graying hair, or, thinning Hair, Ayurveda suggests regular oiling of hair to nourish them. Even oily hair should be given nourishment by a cooling oil base of coconut.  It is best to take or use these herbs under a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.


Please contact me by the contact form. Feel free to call me, however, I teach most days, and, if I am with a client I may not return your call immediately.


Disclaimer: Please note that these statements are not verified by FDA. Ayurveda is a complimentary health system and Ayurveda practitioners and their consultations are not intended for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. If you have any health concern, please consult a physician, who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. 



SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICES available for Community Weekend (Last week of the month for new clients only). Community discounted consultations are only 30 -45 minutes each.  These consultations may be recorded or broadcast to our Yoga Therapy Students.



Dont forget to request an appointment , after you prepay. Please use the contact form below.








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Monica Groover, Ph.D., LMT


Booked a consultation with Monica! I was able to learn about how the food that I eat and it's direct effect on me and my health. We cooked a little, this is what I needed, to see and taste the foods that I need to eat! The valuable feedback and guidance that I received from Monica was just what I needed to receive. What an opportunity it is, to consult with Monica and to absorb, even the most basic truths about how food is my first medicine.- Sheva from Austin. (A Facebook review)

  • Private Ayurveda and Lifestyle Counseling

  • Private Horocope consultCoaching

  • Seminars & Workshops on Ayurvedic Cooking and Meditation

  • Ayurveda Bodywork

  • Panchakarma Detox



It is suggested to have a follow up every couple of months. Panchakarma programs may require weekly follow ups. Follow ups maybe  shorter up to 30-40 minutes.

Cost is $42 in person. If the follow up is for upto 1 hour, regular rates apply. 

Follow ups maybe done over the phone, in person, or via video conference or skype

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