Online classes

We have been offering online classes for many years and were using zoom, as well as live streaming as training delivery even before it became mainstream and popular.


Our online classes follow the following formats:

1. Lecture format done via zoom without video. Focus is on chatting and audio-visual aids like slideshows, interactions like q and sessions or discussions, and short quizzes.


2. Virtual Labs- This may be done via zoom or live streaming. The teachers and/or student's videos are on and teachers demonstrate or teach a lab-for example how to locate a marma on your temple, how to mix herbal spice mix etc.

3. Breakout Rooms- Students are divided into small groups for collaboration and discussion. 

Classes times vary by terms. There are a total of 6 terms so each term may have different days. For example, Term 1 may have Sunday morning and Thursday morning sessions. Term 2 may have Sunday mornings and 1-weekend intensive each month. Term 3 may have Saturdays and 1 weekend intensive each month. Term 4 maybe Saturdays and Thursdays a month 

Weekday classes are usually evening from 7 pm*-8.30 PM. (apx.)

Weekend (Sat or Sun) is ALWAYS at 8 Am*-12 noon (apx.)
Intensives weekends are usually 9* to 5 on both days.





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