What really is Panchakarma?

There is detox. Then, there is Ayurvedic detox. As you see in this post--a regular detox may involve some fruits, smoothies or pills. And, it is generally aimed at clearing in a general way. It is not specific to an area of the body. For example, detox for kidneys. (TCM has a lot more specific detox --however, I am not talking about TCM)

Ayurvedic Detoxfication is very specific, customized to the individual, very powerful, and, must be done under a qualified professional with years of training and experience. Ayurvedic Detoxifcation may be aimed at balancing agni, doshas, tissues and eliminating Ama (food molecules decomposing and creating toxins).

Ayurvedic detoxification procedure is called Panchakarma.

What really is a Panchakarma? And, why did I want to write about it.

First reason for starting this blog was recieving my 40th inquiry last year---"Are you available to do a Panchakarma this weekend for two days?"

Or, another query I get is--"I have been doing Panchakarma myself, and, just need a one day help". People have this idea that Panchakarma is a massage therapy.

Second reason I decided to write is that I had given my Bhashaja Kalpana students (Science of herb mixing in Ayurveda)--a project on Panchakarma, and, some of them were complaining about the lack of resources on PK (We practitioners of Ayurveda like to call Panchakarma PK). Well, it was hard for them to prepare a resource for Panchakarma when the information is either too Sanskritized. (Which I love--but my western students may find it a little confusing!)

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