Soups for Fall Weather

Ayurveda cooks love soups. In Fall, as it gets colder and rainy -our digestive fire called Agni becomes weak. This grows weaker if we continue to stuff ourselves with heavy duty foods, full meals with grains, legumes, or animal based proteins.

It is suggested to switch to rice or quinoa for grains, avoid salads all together and switch to roasted vegetables with ghee and warming spices.

In addition, add a soup every night to your meal. Or, just have a soup for dinner.

Lunch should be the main meal of the day during rainy fall weather.

Here are some spices for the fall

Fall Spices

Black cardamom- You see it bottom left on the photo

All Spice






Coriander Seeds-Top middle in the photo

A nourishing soup would be heirloom tomatoes and beets with those above spices.

Here's a soup I cooked with beefsteak, heirloom tomatoes and beets to beat those Vata blues in this rainy austin weather.

Fruits can also be cooked into a chutney. Dont be afraid to use an exotic fruit. Here's a Sapote Chutney by Pandit Atul.

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