Ayurveda and the Feminine-A much needed book

Namaste everyone.

In the last 12 years, I have helped thousands of women through the ancient practice of Ayurveda, rituals, Vastu, meditation, and some spiritual guidance.

For the last few years, so many of my students, clients, friends, and the community has been asking for me to encapsulate my experiences, and, teachings of Ayurveda into a book.

A practical guide to ancient rituals and practices of Ayurveda, Vastu, mantras, meditation and creation of altars to invite healing and balance to a woman's life.

It took a while. Now, its done.

My book, Ayurveda and the Feminine has been published in Amazon Kindle as an ebook and available for purchase.

The printed version should be available for purchase within this week.

We also plan to release an audible version.

My other book, Essential Guide to Ayurveda: A Textbook for Students & Counselors will be available in August 2020.

We have also created a new website for the Ayurvedic books that we will be publishing.


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Monica Grooveris the author of Ayurveda and the Feminine, and, Essential Guide to Ayurveda, A textbook for students and Counselors. Ms Groover is the director of Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy in Austin, Texas.

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