Online Learning in Ayurveda

I have been teaching using online learning strategies integrated with campus-based learning for over 13 years. People would always ask me how do you teach Ayurveda (a holistic health system from India) online? How CAN it be taught online?

As a director of an Ayurveda school, people talk to me. They give me feedback about training delivery.

I heard many times from my Ayurveda community that, "let's reduce e-learning and online portion" from Ayurveda schools. We need to move to a more in-person format. Though that holds true most of the time, I always took the side of e-learning. I have been a proponent of online learning for years.

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Monica Grooveris the author of Ayurveda and the Feminine, and, Essential Guide to Ayurveda, A textbook for students and Counselors. Ms Groover is the director of Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy in Austin, Texas.

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