Stuck at home, I think we need to clear some energy!

We are all stuck at home. Night. Day. Evening. Morning. How do we clear our home of stagnant energy? I don't know about you, but my home needs clearing at least once a day-what with kids, cooking three meals a day, working with two home offices, and homeschooling. Four computers, three devices--its a bit much.

In order to start the energetic clearing of a place, we need to physically clean it.

Now, I am not a fan of picking after my little one. He is a professional mess maker. It seems like I pick after him all the time. So, I cleared the living room, so he can run around. I put empty boxes where he can put and take his toys--all over. I created activity centers for him upstairs, the living room and kitchen where we all meet for meals can be a loving space without stagnant energy.

Here are some things that clear energy. Here are some tips for a formal ritual of clearing up.

1. Move heavy furniture out of the way

2. Light incense made with ghee and genuine herbs. (Its called masala agarbatti. It is made of Ayurvedic herb called Guggulu, camphor, ghee, and some other fragrant herbs. I need to make a video on how to make this at home. These incense are uneven in shape and smell heavenly. It doesn't use any essential oils but actual herbs like camphor, frankincense, and ghee. I order mine from India. They are sold loose and not in fancy packages)

3. You can also use dried sage

4. At the same time, every day--either early morning or early evening--do a clearing ritual at your altar.

5. Offer flowers and incense to your diety.

6. Burn a GHEE candle. Ghee candles are amazing at burning off stagnant energy. See the video below.

7. Use "YANTRAS". Here's a link to my friend's website in the UK. She has some great articles on Vastu.

8. If you are stuck with a partner and seem to be in each others way all the time--create an energetic boundary. (you can actually put salt the first time--then clean it. Then, do it energetically the next time)

In my book, Ayurveda and the Feminine, I have a chapter on Vastu and how to create altars, and there is a free yantra for you to use.

Monica Grooveris the author of Ayurveda and the Feminine, and, Essential Guide to Ayurveda, A textbook for students and Counselors. Ms Groover is the director of Narayana Ayurveda in Austin, Texas

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