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Preparing for Panchakarma Cleanse

October 30, 2015



Before we decide and star to prepare for Panchakarma, we need to decide what season we will do it in.


Starting a DETOX program after New Years Day in the middle of the winter while your body is dormant and storing energy is a NON STARTER. I always laugh at this--because the BEST TIME to melt  that kapha and toxins is SPRING. 


I chose this image because it signifies that nature is dormant, trees are dormant, animals have hidden themselves. How is body going to detox or lose weight, or, let go of toxins. It is hanging on to everything and dormant--because we are the microcosm of macrocosm. (I explain it later)


Why not take the assistance of mother nature in detoxifying. If you are a Kapha, you can also being detox in the early summer. However, I would say pittas should just restore themselves and take it easy.


Why do we want to take help of the seasons.


Ayurvedic practitioners like to say – we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. This is repeated in religious and spiritual texts throughout history. If we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, a small part of the bigger pictures, minute part of the bigger whole – then, it goes without saying that we have the same purpose, same aim and same journey as the nature and our universe.


Going against the nature, against the natural laws of nature and universe is harmful to us, our planet and our future. In the last fifty years we have become disconnected from our environment and with the greenhouse emissions, we are making sure that future generations suffer. 


Whether its raising huge amounts of livestock so we can overeat and become obese and subject ourselves to all the health issues caused by red meat, or using ridiculous amount of resources by raising this livestock; whether, its filling our landfills with trash that cannot be recycled , or filling our space with orbiting space debris, –we, as a species are not in sync with ourselves, our nature. That, my friends – is one cause of disease right there.


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