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Vāstu is the art of placement, interiors,  buildings and manipulating their energy and balance . This ancient art was observed by Seers and sages of ancient India after they observed the effects of the 5 elements in the land and our environment, as well as our home.  The house or our place of dwelling is considered a "person" with energy. 

Vastu explains how to create an an environment in  accordance with the laws of

nature to experience support and prosperity. During a Vastu consultation, we check the house or apartment, or, office for four cardinal directions and if t hey align with the five elements. If there is a defect, we rectify it by use of yantras, mantras, colors, mirrors and copper or crystals.

Vastu- Origin of Feng Shui

The house is divided into a grid of 9 X 9 and each direction associated with the five element- earth, water, air, fire, space.


Earth – Southwest (Good for office, living area, master bedroom)
Water – Northeast (Good for healing, meditation, yoga area)
Fire– Southeast (represents money and wealth, as well as digestive health)
Air – Northwest (represents air element, travel, work etc)
Space – Central Area (Brahma sthanam- space element)

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