Vāstu is the art of placement, interiors,  buildings, and manipulating their energy and balance. This ancient art was observed by Seers and sages of ancient India after they observed the effects of the 5 elements in the land and our environment, as well as our home.  The house or our place of dwelling is considered a "person" with energy. 

Vastu explains how to create an environment in accordance with the laws of

nature to experience support and prosperity. During a Vastu consultation, we check the house or apartment, or, office for four cardinal directions and if they align with the five elements. If there is a defect, we rectify it by use of yantras, mantras, colors, mirrors, and copper or crystals.

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Pandit Atul and Monica Groover are available for

Vastu consultations. 

Vastu- Origin of Feng Shui

The house is divided into a grid of 9 X 9 and each direction associated with the five element- earth, water, air, fire, space.


Earth – Southwest (Good for office, living area, master bedroom)
Water – Northeast (Good for healing, meditation, yoga area)
Fire– Southeast (represents money and wealth, as well as digestive health)
Air – Northwest (represents air element, travel, work etc)
Space – Central Area (Brahma sthanam- space element)